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Our dojo champion of the week. Well done Seth!! excellent listening this week.



This week we have been learning about posters. We have been trying to help Harry find his bucketful of dinosaurs. We have made a missing poster, thinking about what we need to include. They have been using their super adjectives to do this. 

We have been using the Ipads to make a Chatterpix of Harry trying to find his dinosaurs. Using adjectives to help describe them. 

We have also been putting the story in the correct order. 




In math this week we have been estimating objects. We have been learning about the word estimate and how to make sensible estimates. We have then checked our answers. 

We have been revisiting writing our numbers in words. Also ordering them 1-10. 




In this week's topic we have been learning about dinosaurs and where in the UK they roamed. We have been learning about the different places in the UK. 

We have been labelling the parts of the UK and colouring the land green and the water blue.