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WOW!!!! The children are settling in so well. Each week we are introducing more tasks for the children to do independently as part of our routine in Reception.

In Numeracy this week the children have been busy counting. They have been looking at the characters from their reading books Biff, Chip, Kipper, mum, dad and of course Floppy. They have been counting these and then identifying the correct number of characters in their workbooks. Mrs Pritchard has been helping the children count lots of different coloured bears too. The children then used these skills to count various object around the classroom. We have also been looking at our number of the week 2. The children have been practising forming the number two in lots of different ways.


In Literacy the children have been learning the character’s names and matching them to their pictures. They have been talking about their favourite characters and why they like them. They were able to draw these in their books and tried hard to copy the names too. The children have been able to think of objects beginning with the sound ‘me’ this week. This is our letter/ sound of the week. They have enjoyed singing Maisie Mountain Mountain and finding lots of letter M around the classroom and outside too. Our word of the week this week was ‘I’ and we have been using that in lots of sentences.



Next week wb 20th September

The children will be drawing pictures of their families and talking about them too. We will be looking at pictures of us when we were babies and discussing how much we have grown too.

In Numeracy we will be looking at patterns and how we can make patterns using two or three different colours by repeating them in lots of different ways.


Our number of the week will be 3.

Our letter sound of the week will be a.

Our word of the week will be a.


Enjoy your weekend !

Mrs Bentley and Mrs Pritchard

The Parachute is always fun! The children enjoyed finding the different colours and jumping up and down to make the balls bounce inside. They were even able to hold the Parachute up high to say hello to their friends too.