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This week we have been looking at the Savanna. In literacy, we read a story called ‘A Bugs Bug Trip’, which was all about a bug exploring all the different animals that can be found in the Savanna, we then wrote a postcard to an animal from the Savanna, asking them questions about them and how they live in the Savanna. We learnt about the layout of a postcard such as, where the address goes, how we start a postcard, how we end a postcard, and where the picture goes. 

In topic, we received a postcard from somebody who wants to visit the Savanna, but want to find out more about it before they go! They asked us to help them find the answer to the following questions: what animals live in the Savanna? Where is the Savanna? What is the weather like there? What plants are in the Savanna? To help answer these questions, we scanned QR Codes that led us to the information. We really enjoyed learning about the Savanna!

In maths this week we have looked at 3D shape. We recognised lots of different shapes and learnt the names for them. We played a 3D shape guessing game where we had to close our eyes and guess what shape was in our hands, the children did amazing at this! We also explored 3D shape by building structures with the 3D shapes. 

On Friday, we also made and decorated our own rain shakers and we used our rain shakers to make music, they looked and sounded amazing!