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This week in Literacy we have continued our work on Jim and the Beanstalk. We answered lots of different questions about the story, such as 'What did Jim go and get The Giant first?' and 'What did Jim use to pay for the items?', the children were amazing at remembering what happened in the story. We also used our imaginations to think about what we would want to find on top if we had a magic bean, we thought of lots of super ideas such as a dinosaur land, a candy land, and a money land!




This week in maths we have looked at pictograms. We asked the class about their favourite fruit. First, we put our information into a tally chart. We then used the tally chart to put our information into a pictogram. We learnt that a pictogram is a graph where we draw pictures and each picture represents one. The children really enjoyed creating their pictograms!




This week in topic we started a science experiment involving cress. We have planted lots of cress and have put them in different areas around the classroom. One pot of cress is on the windowsill and will have water. One pot of cress will be watered but will be in he cupboard where there is no sunlight. One pot of cress will be on the windowsill in the sunlight but it will not be watered. The last pot of cress will have sunlight and water, but not soil! Instead it is planted in some cotton wool. We also wrote down our predictions of which cress we think will grow the most and which cress we think will grow the least.