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This week in our literacy we have been looking at the Little Red Riding Hood story and doing lots of amazing work! We have been making up our own ending to the story. We thought of some great endings such as the woodcutter calling the police and the Big Bad Wolf going to jail! We also made some wanted posters to help the police catch the Big Bad Wolf. On our wanted posters we included a description of the wolf, his crime, and a reward for catching him. We were so impressed with the wanted posters we have put them up on display in our classroom. This week the children also made a mask of a character from Little Red Riding Hood and used these in our role play area. smiley





In maths this week we have been looking at subtraction. We have been taking away different amounts together using multi link cubes, number lines, and number squares to help us. The children also played snakes and ladders but backwards to practice counting backwards. smiley




This week in topic we have been looking at St Dwynwens day, as this is celebrated on the 25th January. We looked at the story of St Dwynwen and we explained why we celebrate St Dwynwens day. We also looked at St Dwynwens church in Anglesey on a map to see how close it is to where we live and we looked at lots of pictures. We also made some St Dwynwens day cards. We designed Welsh love spoons and looked at the different meanings of Welsh love spoons. smiley