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Another week has flown by. We have all been very busy in Classes 1 and 2 and the children would like to share with you some of the brilliant things we have been learning about.


In Maths and Numeracy, we have been using the coins we know in games and paying for toys in our Toy Shop. We have found out that it is best to look at the colour and size of the coins as sometimes the number is hard to find. Our challenge has been to label coins with the correct value and we all cut out the labels and put them in the right order. One of the best activities was making a ‘spoony’ character from Toy Story where we had to buy all the different parts by using the correct coins.


We stated off the week by reading a special story where some very special toys play games at night when their owners are asleep. We thought hard about what our toys might do when we are not looking and we came up with some brilliant ideas. Our toys had parties, went on adventures, played hide and seek. We even had some who danced to music when they asked Alexa to help them! We enjoyed this so much, we then used the ‘Chatterkids’ app, iPads and Toy Story masks to bring our own characters to life with special voices.

Our focus for phonics and handwriting has been the letter ‘b / B’. We have made very long lists of words beginning with ‘b’ and practiced writing this tricky letter.


We have also been thinking a lot about how we can be the best friend we can be. With all our friends in Reception, we have been thinking extra hard about what we can do to be a very good friend. As it was Saint Dwynwen’s day on Tuesday, we found out about her story and how important it is to be kind, gentle and helpful. We loved making hearts and thinking really hard about the little things we can do to brighten somebody’s day.


In PE we have played lots of throwing and catching games outside and in the hall. The game of ‘Botcha’ is a favourite and it’s getting harder and harder to find the winning team as our aiming is getting so accurate.


So, here is a little glimmer of what we have been busy doing and next weeks looks like another amazing week too. Without giving too much away, thank you to all the families who have already brought in boxes, cartons, and recycling item for Robot week. We will need quite a lot of materials, so if you could bring some more in next week, we will be able to make some incredible creations. In Numeracy we will be looking at 3D shapes, what shapes can you find around your house?


We hope you all have a lovely weekend and thank you for all your support, from the

Children of Class 1 and 2, Mrs Price, Miss C, Mrs Hughes and Mrs Pritchard.

Spreading love and kindness for Santes Dwynewn Day ❤️