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This week we have been carrying on with our topic ‘Rumble in the Jungle’.




In language we have been learning about letter writing and persuasive writing. The children wrote an animal poem last week based on the book ‘Rumble in the Jungle’. This week they wrote a letter to the author to try and persuade them to add their poem to the book. They thought about what language they needed to persuade them and how to write this in a letter.

We have written a letter/note to the reception children to tell them all about year one. They have thought about what is different in year 1 and what they really enjoy doing. 

We have had fun playing high frequency Jenga. They have played Jenga while reading the high frequency words. 




In math this week we have thought about our estimating and counting skills. The children have estimated how many jungle animals they can see and then counted them in groups of 2’s, 5’s or 10’s. 

They have estimated how many multi links it takes to cover a jungle animal and then checked their answers by counting. 

For a challenge this week they have had a go at writing the times next to the digital clocks. 




We have been learning about the rainforest. We have been investigating the different layers there are and what animals live in each layer. The children have enjoyed working out what lives where and why. 

They have been making mini rainforests in a bottle and placing little jungle animals on the forest floor. 

As a challenge they have been completing the jungle puzzle using their math skills.