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This week in Language, we have been exploring our book Jim and the Beanstalk further. We have enjoyed creating passports for Jim and the Giant so they can go on holiday. The children have written some excellent character descriptions in the passports. The children have also loved roleplaying as the characters and thinking about how the characters might sit and what they might be thinking about. We have also revisited capital letters and full stops this week. The children have added full stops and capitals letters to a letter from the Giant.



In Maths this week, we have been exploring weight. The children have had lots of fun doing practical activities. We have been weighing different items on our balance scales and have estimated which item we think will be heavier. We have also revisited reading data this week. The children have enjoyed reading a pictogram and answering questions about how people travel to school. 



This week in Topic, we have been exploring friction. We have learnt about what friction is as well as which materials cause more friction and less friction. The children have enjoyed exploring these materials using their hands and toy cars. This is in preparation for the planning of our investigation next week. We will be testing which material would be best for Jim to use as a harness to get down the beanstalk the quickest. This week the children have also been planting seeds in our garden. 


Next week

In Language, the children will be making their own character for Jim and the Beanstalk which they will swap for Jim or the Giant. The children will also answer comprehension questions about the story. 


In Maths, we will be further exploring weight. We will be estimating how many beans each item weighs. 


In Topic, we will be planning our science investigation and making predictions about which material we think will be best for the harness. We will also make seed art and explore the life cycle of a plant.