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A little song for Mother’s Day

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This week we have been learning about Supertato, Mothers Day and how to measure.




In language this week we have been writing character descriptions about Supertato or Evil Pea. The children have really thought about how to set out their character description. They have been using their adjectives to describe the characters personalities and the way they look. 

They have been thinking creatively this week and imagining what vegetable they would be if they were a super vegetable. They then thought about what power they would have. The ideas have been brilliant and very creative. 

The children have been making their own Supertato character using potatoes, this has been really fun. They have thought about what he wears and why.   




In maths this week we have been focusing on measuring. The children have been measuring objects around the classroom using cubes. 

They have really enjoyed measuring different superheroes using their feet. 

They have been challenging themselves by adding up different amounts of money. Using the skills from last week.




In topic we have been ‘Recycling Superheroes’. The children have been learning about why we recycle. They have sorted rubbish into recycling and non recycling. They have even sorted them into the correct groups of recycling. We have really enjoyed thinking about how we can look after our planet. We have really been thinking about how important it is to reduce, recycle and reuse. 

Next week:


Next week we will be basing our activities on World Book Day. We will be writing adverts for our favourite books. We will enjoy dressing up as a character from a book. 

In maths we will be measuring using cms instead of cubes. In topic we will  be thinking about real superheroes and the jobs they do. 


We will also be having an online session with our police officer on Monday morning. He will be discussing people who look after us.