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This week in literacy we looked back on our school trip to Knowsley Safari Park last week and we have been writing diary entries about our day. We remembered that diary entries always show the date, that they begin with 'dear diary' and that they end with our name. We wrote some amazing diary entries and included lots of time connectives and adjectives.  We also wrote about our favourite part of our school trip, lots of us enjoyed watching the Sea Lion show and also seeing the lions sunbathing by the road! We have also been busy making our fathers day cards this week, we hope enjoy your Father's Day! 




This week in numeracy we have continued exploring 2D shape, we looked at uncommon 2D shapes such as diamonds and trapezium. We made lots of uncommon shapes out of sticks and we were able to name what shape they had made. We also went around the school on a 2D shape hunt and found lots of different 2D shapes - we found lots of squares, circles, rectangles, but we did not find many hexagons




This week in topic we have explored the Rainforest. We learnt that the rainforest can be split into different layers: The forest floor, the understorey, the canopy, and the emergent layer. We learnt all about each layer and the animals that live there. We have even made rainforests in a bottle using sand, soil, rocks, plants, and mini animals. We had lots of fun making these and they look amazing!


Forest School


This week in forest school we role-played as different animals. In groups, we were given an animal and a scenario to act out. At the end, we acted out our scene in the ampitheatre for every one to guess our animal and scenario.