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This week in literacy we looked at the Jim and the Beanstalk story, about a boy named Jim who finds the beanstalk that Jack once used. Jim helps The Giant by getting him a pair of glasses, a wig, and some false teeth! With The Giants new look, he now feels confident enough to go on holiday, so he asked us to make him a passport! We learnt that on a passport you have your name, age, and we also wrote a description of what The Giant looks like! The children also wrote a review on the Jim and the beanstalk story. We each gave the book a rating out of 5 stars and said which part was our favourite!




In maths this week we have been looking at tally charts. We went around the class and asked children what their favourite colour is and put this information into a tally chart. We also explored outside and made a tally chart of all the different things we could see outside. The children had lots of fun doing this!




This week in topic we looked at the lifecycle of a plant. We learnt that a plant starts as a seed, it then germinates, next in becomes a seedling, and finally it becomes a plant. We also went around the outside of our school and took pictures of all the different things that we could see growing. Once we took all of our pictures we put them into a Pic collage.