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This week in literacy we have been looking at the Supertato books to get us thinking about superheroes. We used Supertato to help us think about what a superhero is and what superheroes do. We also looked through the Supertato books to find all the veggies to draw and label. We found lots of vegetables! This week we also thought about our own superpowers and made superheroes with our faces on. We thought of lots of great superpowers we have such as good and reading, kind, and helpful. These superheroes look so amazing we have put them on display!




This week in maths we have been looking at word problems. We read the word problems together and found the most important parts, which we said are the numbers. From the word problems we created subtraction sums that we worked out using our number squares. This week in maths we have also been trying to crack a code to get into our dojos. We had to work as a team to find the sums around the classroom. We had to work out the answers to the sums in order to find the right combination. Once we found the right combination we got 2 dojos each! The children had lots of fun with this. 😀




As we learnt all about St David last week, this week in topic we looked at other Uk Patron Saints. We found out that Saint George is the patron saint of England, Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, and Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Northern Ireland. We also found out that a Saint is someone who tells people about God. We labeled the Saints onto a map of the Uk and were able to identify Wales, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland on the map. We were also able to identify the flag for each country. 


This week we also had an introduction to our amazing forest school areas. The children had lots of fun exploring the different areas 😀

This week dojo champion, well done Rupert!!