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This week in English we have been working mainly at Nanes and the children have been looking at nouns in the Rapunzel story. The children have had the opportunity to list some of the objects they would’ve been able to see, if they were in Rapunzel‘s tower. They have also used nouns in a sentences and written clear information about different nouns they would’ve found in the story. They’ve also made a very unknown up with the teaching assistants


in maths this week we have been practising our two times tables. We have been adding different amounts together using a hands-on approach and physically moving items to help them add on. The children have also practised their adding skills through the game snakes and ladders with the teaching assistants helping the children to count on from different numbers.


in topic this week we have been practising our Welsh by using the sentence mae gen I, which translates to I have they have then use the sentence to describe either the princess or the frog from the story the frog prince, describing the clothes they wear the crowns they wear and finally the hair colour they have. They’ve also had the opportunity to make their own little puppets from the story and I practised ordering the story with the Teaching assistants.