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This week in our literacy lesson we have been learning about adjectives. The children listened to the story ‘Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs’ and made a character description about Harry or Sam (the sister). They have been using super adjectives to describe them. 

They have enjoyed playing a game of ‘Can you draw what your partner describes?’. One partner has been looking at a picture of a dinosaur and describing it to their partner. Their partner then has had a go at drawing the dinosaur after listening to the adjectives. They have had lots of fun with this. 

They have also enjoyed looking through the story book and describing the characters with the group. 




In math we have been learning about doubling. We have been doubling dinosaur eggs and learning different songs to help us. 

We have been using numicon to print our doubles to 10. We have also been writing our doubles using different resources to help us count. 




In topic this week we have been learning more about dinosaurs. We have labelled the different parts of a dinosaur and found out some interesting facts. 

We have been getting creative and making dinosaur skeletons using art straws. 

We have also been investigating different skeletons and matching them to their dinosaurs.