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Wow, what a busy week we have had! In Literacy this week we have been learning all about rhyming words! Did you know that rhyming words are words that end with the same sound?! We were super duper at finding lots of words that rhyme with each other, here’s some that we come up with; cat, bat, mat, hat/pen, hen, ten, men/dog, log, frog, hog/red, bed, said, head. We are so clever! 

In Numeracy this week we have been looking at money and adding it together to make an amount. We were amazing at recognising the values of each coin and were able to add a range of coins to make totals up to 20p! Some of us blew Mrs Jones away by adding 5p and 10p all the way up to £1! WOW! We loved playing the piggy bank interactive game on the whiteboard (see link below). Miss C had her own Ice Cream parlour set up, she gave us all our own bowl of money to buy as many ice creams as we wanted 🍦. 

We have been learning all about our topic ‘Under the Sea’. We have found out some interesting facts this week! We learned that there are 5 oceans, the biggest one being the Pacific Ocean 🌊. We also learned that octopuses have THREE hearts 🐙 ❤️❤️❤️! We can’t wait to find out more next week! 


Last week we investigated how far we can all jump. The results are in and the person with the biggest jump in class 1 was…….. JORGE with a whopping jump of 137cm! Very impressive 💪🏻. We concluded that it doesn’t matter what eye colour you have or size shoe, it’s the power that you put into your jump. We do think though that your height has a little bit to do with it. 

Next Week:

Literacy - poetry writing using rhyming words 

Numeracy - revising capacity 

Topic - continuing with finding out the answers to our questions from week 1


A huge well done for all of the children’s hard work this week! We hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

Thank you for your continued support!

Mrs Jones & Miss C

This weeks Puppy Patrollers 🐶 You all did a great job looking after Eira! Thank you 😊

We had lots of fun practising our balancing, throwing and aiming skills!