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This week we have enjoyed learning more about our topic ‘As Green as a Bean’. We have been getting outside to prep our outdoor area to plant some yummy vegetables. 




This week we have been focusing on capital letters. We have been using CHIPS to help us remember where we need a capital letter to go. CHIPS- Calendar words, H- Holidays I- I by itself  P-Name of Places, People, Pets S- Start of a sentence. 

The children had a letter from The Giant. The Giant struggled to do his capital letters so we helped him. We corrected his letter and sent it back to him. 

The children went on a capital letter hunt outside to complete the capital letter caterpillar. They also changed some of the teacher’s number plates to lowercase letters. 




In maths this week we have been reading data from our pictograms. We have been answering questions such as ‘which one is the most popular’ and ‘which is the least popular’. 

They have been using pictograms to find out about the class's favourite and least favourite flowers. 

As a challenge they worked independently to find out their group's favourite fruit.



This week we have been getting our garden ready to plant. We have been getting rid of the weeds, digging and getting the soil ready. 

We have been learning about the different parts of a plant and what each part does. We have made stop motion animation to show the different parts and how it grows. 

We have enjoyed labelling the different parts of a plant. 


Next week:

Next week we will be planting some vegetables to grow.

We have been reading the story ‘Jim and the Beanstalk’. Next week we will be starting our science investigation. We will be investigating the best material to use for a harness to get Jim down the beanstalk faster. We will be building Jim a zip line to get to the bottom faster away from the Giant.      

The Giant and Jim now want to go on holiday together. The Giant has more confidence with his new hair, teeth and glasses so it is now time for a trip. However they both need a passport. So next week we'll be making them a passport each.