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What a busy week we have had! We have been learning all about Recycling and how important it is to look after our world. We read the story of ‘The Messy Magpie’ where Morris the magpie was collecting lots of rubbish to decorate his nest. What he didn’t realise was that he was damaging the environment around him. In Literacy we have been writing about recycling and how we separate our rubbish into separate bins. See if the children can remember what materials we can recycle. We have loved playing in our Recycling station role play area and separating the rubbish into the correct bin.


In Numeracy this week we have introduced money and it’s value. We have focused on 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p but we were super clever and looked at coins right up to £2! We loved playing the top marks piggy bank and toy shop interactive games. See this link below and play the games at home. We enjoyed getting the money stamps out and stamping them in order of value. Mrs Price was so impressed with our money skills that she brought in her food truck from home for us to play with and practise paying for yummy burgers, hot dogs and ice cream. 


Through our Topic sessions we have tarted to look at materials. We got to put our hands in the feely bag with all different materials in. We had to describe what we could feel using lots of adjectives, some of the words we used were; smooth, hard, bumpy rough and soft. Can you go on a material hunt around your house and see if you can describe how the feel? 


Next Week:

Literacy - We will be looking at the theme of 'Toy Story' and talking about what we think our toys get up to when we are not there. 

Numeracy - Continuing with money but now adding together to make a total amount up to 10p.

Topic - Continuing with materials and their properties. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Price & Miss C


We are so good at recycling!

We have loved learning how to play boccia!