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This week we have been learning some more famous Welsh Tales. We have found out about a Blodeuwedd and how she was made from flowers and the tale of Cantre’r Gwaelog and how the land was lost to the sea. We really do have the best stories in Wales! Can you re-tell the stories to your grown ups? 


With such fantastic stories to base our writing on, we have been finding different ways of describing the beautiful Blodauwedd. Class 1 came up with so many adjectives! We have also looked at our own special and favourite books. It was so lovely watching the children sitting down storytelling with their friends. We have found out a lot of things about why we like stories and non-fiction books. It is great to see that lots of them remind us to be kind and helpful. From all our favourite books, we now have lots of ideas of how we are going to use parts of them over the next few weeks.


In Maths and Numeracy, we have been finding out different ways of counting bigger groups by counting in 2’s. We learned that a group of two is called a pair. What pairs can you find around your home? We have been using wellies. Socks, gloves and even our own shoes to see how many things we can put into groups of 2. Some of us can even count up to 30, and that’s a very big number! We have loved signing along to lots of songs which has really helped us with our learning. See links below. 


In PE we have been practising our moves in Dawnsio Gwerin, it is a bit tricky but if we count to the beat, we can now swap places with our partner. We have bee busy learning a special Welsh folk dance and counting to a beat of 8! 


Friday afternoons is Forest School. This week we have been on a nature scavenger hunt. It was so much fun hunting for little natural treasures, like a leaf or twig. We then made some collages and environmental art with all the thing we had found. We had so much fun playing scatter with Mrs Price and Mrs Hughes. They took ages to find us as we were so good at hiding!


The Book Fair is in school, we have been to have a look at the books and have made wish lists of a book we might like. The wish lists will be in our book bags if families would like to order.


Next week is Science Week. Mrs. Price and Mrs. Hughes tell us they have a plan for a great experiment. It will involve lots of different materials and making houses. I wonder if you can have a guess at which traditional tale we might be looking at?


And finally, a question for you to think about over the weekend; how many traditional tales do you know and what is your favourite?


We hope you all have a lovely weekend and thank you for all your support, from the

Children of Class 1 and 2, Mrs Price, Miss C, Mrs Hughes and Mrs Pritchard

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