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This week


This week we have enjoyed welcoming the children back to school. It has been nice to see all their happy faces! 

We have focused on health and well-being this week, we have talked a lot about feelings and the year ahead.




We have enjoyed hearing about the children's holidays, they have done really well writing a few sentences about what they have been up to. Thank you very much for filling their holiday bags, we have enjoyed discussing them. 

We have enjoyed listening to your children read and helping them with their new books.

The children have enjoyed drawing a picture and writing a sentence about who they live with.




We have been focusing on numbers this week and have taken the time to find out what numbers the children know and how many they can write. The children have solved the mystery of the missing numbers. 

Miss Evans and Mrs Selby have enjoyed taking the children outside to find different numbers and put them in order. 

After hearing the story of ‘Elmer and the Stranger’ the children coloured Elmer in after working out the sums. 




We have had health and well-being week this week and have talked about how we are feeling about year 1, we have lots of excited children. 

We went on a nature walk and talked about what we can do to relax. The children thought about what they could hear, see and smell. We tried to find shapes in the clouds but we only found one huge cloud covering the whole sky. 

The children thought about how they feel in Welsh, asking Sut wyt ti? and answering ‘dw i’n iawn, dw i’n hapus etc. 


Next week 


Next week we will be starting our Dinosaur topic and finding out what the children want to learn. They will have fun making their own fossils with clay and trying to put dinosaur names into order. 

In maths we will be learning our number bonds to 10, the children will enjoy lots of nice games and activities to help them learn what two numbers make 10 or even 20. 

In literacy we will be learning about adjectives and describing the dinosaurs in the story ‘Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs.’


We hope your child has enjoyed the first week of year 1, reading books will be coming home on Monday and we ask you to read with your child as much as possible during the week. We have lots of super star readers in year 1 and they will fly even higher with their reading if they are encouraged to read at home as well as school. 


Thank you so much for your support this week, any questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail us with any questions.