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This week we have started our new topic of Rumble in the Jungle. To start our new topic, the children told us what they already know about the jungle and different jungle animals - the children already knew lots of amazing facts! The children then thought about what they wanted to learn about our new topic and they thought of some super questions.


In literacy this week we looked at writing our own jungle description. We looked at jungles and created jungle descriptions by thinking about what we would see, hear, smell, and feel in the jungle. We used lots of marvellous adjectives and we also included some alliteration! To help us think about the jungle, we also read the 'Rumble in the Jungle' story. The children's independent challenge this week was to draw their favourite animal from the Rumble in the Jungle story and to write a sentence about why it is their favourite animal. 


In numeracy this week we looked at different 2D shapes. We looked at their names, the number of sides they have, and the number of corners they have. We used the 2D shapes to create some jungle animals. We used triangles, rectangles, ovals, circles, and squares to create lions, giraffes, lemurs, pandas, and crocodiles. Class 3 did so well with these jungle animals, we have put them up on display in our classroom. 


In topic this week we used our iPads to research a jungle animal using the Ducksters programme. We used this research to create our own animal fact file. The children were brilliant at this and enjoyed finding their own facts using the iPads. 


We also had an amazing day at Knowsley Safari Park to commence our learning about our new topic. We saw lots of animals on our Safari, such as Zebras, Rhinos, Lions, Wolves, Giraffes, Tigers, and Meerkats! We also got to watch the Sea lion show and the Birds of Prey display.