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As our new topic is now ‘as green as a bean’, this week in Literacy we looked at the Treasures in the Garden story, all about going on an adventure in the garden. We used this story to help us write a diary entry. We chose to either be Jake or Holly from the story, and wrote a diary on their adventures in the garden. To help us write our diary entries, we read a diary entry from Little Red Riding Hood, a pirate, and an astronaut. We learnt that diary entries begin with the date and ‘dear diary’, we talk about our feelings, and we end our diary by writing our name. We also drew a garden, labeling the colours we used in Welsh. We drew lots of beautiful gardens!



This week in Maths we have began to sort objects into categories. As our new topic this terms is all about growing and moving, we sorted out objects into living and non-living. We learnt that trees and plants are living. Next week we will be moving onto creating tally charts!



This week in topic we have began looking at plants. We looked at the different parts of a plant. We learnt that plants are made up of roots, stem, leaves, and the flower. We looked at all the different functions, such as to keep the plant in the ground, to give flowers water, and to attract the bees. In our topic books, we labelled the different parts of a plant. The children did very well at this. We also all planted our own sunflowers this week. The children have a sunflower diary where they will update their sunflower each week.