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It has been lovely having the children back and they are settling back in to school life after half term. This half term is a very busy one and with lots of exciting things going on too.


This week in Numeracy we have been talking about different times of the day. The children have been sorting different events into day time and night time and been using this to describe their daily routines too. They have also been practicing their number formation in lots of different ways around the classroom.

In Literacy the children have been listening to the story 'Sparks in the Sky' they have bee imagining what it would be like at a Bonfire Party. The children then used their understanding of senses to describe the things they might be able to see, hear and smell. They used this to then write a Bonfire Poem. 

The children have been understanding why we celebrate Bonfire Night. They have understood that a long time ago a man called Guy Fawkes tried to burn down the Houses of Parliament and kill King James I with gunpowder. The children have been building the Houses of Parliament in the construction area with wooden blocks and have made some lovely Guy Fawkes puppets too.

In Expressive Arts the children have created some lovely Firework dances using material and music.  They have also made some lovely sparklers and created a Firework picture too.  

Outside the children have been building Bonfires and using their sparklers to pretend they are at a Bonfire Party. They have understood about keeping safe at Bonfires and how to use sparklers safely too. 

We have had lots of lovely Autumn objects coming into school from your walks. The children have shared these with the class and we have placed them in our trays for everybody to investigate and explore.

Next Week:  wb 8.11.21


Next week we will be understanding why we all wear Poppies at this time of year and why we celebrate Remembrance Day. It is also our class assembly so we will be making some lovely Poppy Art to help us think about all the brave soldiers that fought in the Wars. In Numeracy we will be counting poppies and writing numbers and in Literacy we will be writing bout all the things we can remember too. 


Our number of the week is 9 

Our letter/sound of the week is n 


Have a Lovely weekend! 

Enjoy the Fireworks and keep safe.


Mrs Bentley and Mrs Pritchard