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We have had a super first week back. We have enjoyed listening to all the things the children got up to over the Easter holidays!




In Language this week we have been writing about our holiday news. It has been really interesting to read about what the children have been up to. They have been trying to use time connectives in their writing. We have also read our new book for the half term: Jim and the Beanstalk. The children drew some great storyboards to retell the story. The children have also completed some independent writing about how they would like to grow this half term. They have written some excellent ideas for how to improve a variety of skills this half term.  



In Maths this week we have been focusing on creating pictograms. The children have had lots of fun exploring pictograms on J2e. They have also enjoyed creating pictograms of their group’s favourite vegetable in their books. The children have worked hard in groups to create pictograms through sorting bundles of different things they may find in the garden. They have challenged themselves by completing subtractions. 




In Topic we have been exploring our new topic: As Green as a Bean. The children have thought about what they already know about growing, gardening and plants and have written questions about what they would like to learn about this half term. They thought of some excellent questions which we can’t wait to explore! The children have also had fun sketching tulips this week. They have enjoyed learning about our new topic through challenging themselves in the new areas. 


Next week:


Next week we will be exploring our new topic further through learning about the different parts of a plant and their functions. The children will be drawing and labelling plants as well as creating a Stop Motion Animation about the different parts of plants. They will also be exploring our gardening area and preparing it for planting.

In Language we will be doing lots of activities related to capital letters. We will be focusing on where they go as well as what they look like. The children will be unscrambling sentences, making capital letters out of leaves and going on a capital letters hunt. 

In Maths we will be continuing to explore pictograms. Next week we will be recapping how to create pictograms but we will also be exploring how to read pictograms.