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Wow, what a fantastic first week back it has been! It is so lovely to see you all again and have a bit of normality back! We can not put into words how proud we are of how easily the children have settled back into school life so quickly and how much they have progressed! 


This week has been ‘Fairy Tales’ week. We have been learning all about Fairy Tales and have enjoyed listening to lots of stories. In Literacy we have been using lots of adjective describing our favourite characters, some of us even chose the baddies such as the big bad wolf! We described him as being cunning and mean. We have had lots of fun playing in the puppet area and using the story stones to retell some of our favourite stories, in particular The Three Little Pigs. 


In Numeracy this week we have been practicing the skill of counting in twos. We have had lots of fun finding pairs of wellies hidden by Miss C outside. We are really good at singing the ‘Counting in 2’s’ song (see link below) we find it so funny when the cow floats across the screen! 


We have been showing Mrs Jones how clever we are at knowing our sounds and how we can even blend them together to make lots of words. This week we have been learning the words; up, cup, get, met, cat, bed, mud, cot, kit, can, bin, bad. We have also been coming up,with lots of words beginning with our letter of the week ‘h’. We have had a competition to see which group could come up with the most words, so far the dingle dangles are in the lead! We have come up with so many; hat, hand, house, hamster, horse, heart, honey, hammer (Noah actually said chocolate hammer🤣). 


Next week:

Literacy - we are learning  All about St David and why he is special to us in Wales. Sound of the week ‘sh’.

Numeracy - We are going to learn the Days of the Week and putting them in ordinal position. 

Topic - It’s Welsh week! We are going to be learning about The Tales of Wales and the legend behind the red dragon. 


Thank you so much for your continued support. Please remember that it is wear red, green or white on Monday 1st March for St David’s Day. 


We we hope you have a lovely weekend. 


Mrs Jones, Miss C and Miss Jones 

We had so much fun playing lots of parachute games counting in 2’s.

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