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What a brilliant first week back! It has been lovely hearing about all of the wonderful activities that you have been up to over the half term. 


This week we have been learning all about Remembrance Day and why it is such a special celebration. We have been busy making lots of poppies to create a special class wreath that we have dedicated to all of the soldiers. We had lots of fun during our P.E sessions  marching like soldiers and playing in our soldier hospital role play area. We have also experimented with lots of different resources, we have painted poppies, scrunched up tissue paper and even sprinkled them with glitter! Mrs Jones was very proud as we did this independently and Scarlet gave us the super idea to stick a poppy to a lollipop stick! 


In our Literacy sessions we have been talking about our own special memories such as birthdays, holidays and time with our families, drawing pictures and writing about it. We have also started to learn a new set of green words; at, mat, sat, sad, mad, dad and the red words; you, I and the. You could make some word cards at home with these new words on to help you with learning them. 


In Numeracy we have been practising the skill of counting a group of objects all the way up to 20. We have really enjoyed joining in with lots of songs and rhymes to help us to remember them. We just LOVE Jack Hartmann's song, it is so catchy! See the link below to watch it at home! We have been trying really hard with writing numbers to 20, sometimes we can mix write the numbers the wrong way around but we have been practising lots this week! 


Next week:

Literacy - letter of the week 'n'. We are using our senses to create a Bonfire poem.

Numeracy - Number of the week '8'. We will be talking about time and ordering daily events into day/night.

Topic - Humanities week/Parliament Week: We will be learning all about Guy Fawkes and his Gun Powder Plot and finding out about Parliament and our leader Boris Johnson! 


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Jones and Miss .C.

We have enjoyed doing lots of poppy craft for Rememberance Day!