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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Week 1

Our star of the week! Well done !!!!

This week...

Welcome back!!

This week has been a super week full of superpowers and superheros. We have started our new topic 'Superheros' we have thought about what we already know and what we want to find out in our new topic. 

We have had a visit from Supertato and the Evil pea, we have written our ideas as to how the story ends and if Supertato escapes from the freezer to save another day! The children have been very creative with this and have come up with fantastic ideas. 

In maths we have done some tricky work this week and have collected tally charts and made them into pictograms (like bar charts, but with pictures) the children have really made us falch (proud) this week with how well they have done this. They have really enjoyed collecting the data. We have collected data on the classes favourite fruit and favourite superhero. 

In PE we have started to work on our ball throwing skills and worked as a team to complete the challenges and work on our throwing and aiming skills. 

We have been enjoying decorating and eating pancakes this week, we have been asking for the fruit in Welsh and we have learnt about lent and why people take part in Lent. We have been learning the story for our Assembly on Friday. 


Next week....

Next week we are expecting another visit from Supertato and who knows what Evil things the Evil pea will get up to! 

The children may need to think about how we can find Evil Pea and how we can help Supertato. 

This week a lot of children have asked if they can come up with their own superpowers, so next week we will be creating our own superhero and giving them powers. 

In maths we will be subtracting, we will be trying to work out the subtractions to unlock the key. They will playing a game of adding and subtracting tug of war outside. 

We will be learning a little bit about fairtrade next week, what this means and how we support it. 


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