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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Weds 13th May

Literacy - Today we would like you to play some ‘stick’ themed games. In the story the children play ‘pooh sticks’. What games can you play with sticks? Take a photo of yourself playing your game, this could even be hide and seek with the Stick Man. Can you record yourself explaining the rules of your game? 


Challenge - Can you write a set of instructions of how to play your game? 

Listening game - Choose one person to  sit with their eyes closed or blindfolded. The other players  take it in turns to say, “I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man that’s me!” in a disguised voice. The blindfolded child tries to guess which child was speaking.

'ow’' sound

Still image for this video

Phonics - Our sound of the day is ‘ow’ - Blow the snow.


Task - Can you write as many words as you can on a piece of paper, then scrunch them up into snow balls! See how many you can throw and catch and each time you catch them read the word out loud! 

Numeracy - here is a stick game for you to play - you are welcome to talk or write about this game if you would like for your literacy task! You will need a collection of 10 sticks (or something similar!) We are going to be looking at estimating. When we estimate, we have a careful think about what the answer could be before checking to find out if we were right. Ask your grown up to hide a number of sticks under a towel or something similar. They can then lift it up, let you have a very quick look at the sticks before hiding them again. Can you estimate and say how many sticks you thought were there? Write your estimate down. Now, the important part is to check. Uncover the sticks, count them carefully and write down the answer next to your estimate. Were you right? Don’t worry if not; the important part is that you were close. Repeat for other numbers.


Challenge - if your estimate was different to the answer, can you find the difference between? Take away the smaller one from the bigger one to find the difference between and see how close you were.


You could also move onto using more than 10 sticks if you want to make it really tricky!

Extra challenge: Watch the video below of the story 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'. When it has finished, can you think of a message that you could send to the boy - what advice could you give him about what he did? Can you write it, record it - you could even find a picture of a wolf and make it talk using the Chatterpix app! If you would like an idea for something to do this afternoon, take the theme of 'wolf' and do what you like with it - do you know any other stories with wolves in them? Could you look for videos on YouTube of the stories or do you have any books at home you could read? You may act out the story using your toys, role play the story, build something from one of the stories, or draw your favourite part. You make choose to make some wolf themed art - it is entirely up to you! Enjoy!

The Boy Who Cried Wolf Story (Short Story for KIDS) | KIDS HUT Animated Stories


A quick message from both of us:


We have noticed that this week is proving to be quite difficult for lots of you for many reasons. If there is anything we can do to help, or if you have any suggestions with regards to the activities that we are setting, then please let us know. We are here to help you all; we appreciate that things may be becoming increasingly difficult, so please don't put any additional pressure on yourselves with regards to home schooling. Remember,  developing life skills, helping with chores, talking, exploring the outdoors, jigsaws, board games, puzzles and especially playing are all equally valid and valuable ways of spending time. Being bored is also important for children believe it or helps develop creativity!


Here is a little something from us both to hopefully put a smile on your face:


Over 7 weeks of lockdown

We're all wondering where the time went

If we've done enough with our children

Or if the time could have been better spent


Did my child complete enough writing?

Why won't they sit and do as I say?

I know everyone else is coping

But I feel like I've lost my way


Please be kind to yourself all you grown ups

You may want to scream, cry and sob

Whilst surviving this uncharted territory

You are doing a wonderful job


It's OK to feel like you're struggling

But please believe us when we say

That whatever you're doing, it IS enough

We're all making it through our own way


No need to feel pressure or guilt about school

School will be there when all this is through

We think you're amazing, and so do your kids

So thank you for all that you do 


Sending you all a big virtual hug! Miss Roberts and Mrs Jones xx

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