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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Wednesday 10th June

Hooray! Chester Zoo is reopening on Monday - take a look at the link below to find out more!


Also did you know it is Chester Zoo’s 89th birthday today? Hopefully they will have many more 😊

Tuesday’s photos - we’ve heard that you had lots of fun yesterday! Glad to see that all the zoo animals are better thanks to your super care!

Penblwydd hapus to our lovely Sophie who turned 5 yesterday! We all hope you had a wonderful day!

Literacy -  Play the Zoo Vet ‘What am I?’ guessing game. Can you guess the animal that the vet is describing? 

Today we would like you to think about your favourite zoo animal. Draw a picture of your chosen animal and write a description about them. You might like to challenge yourself by creating a fact file about your animal or make your animal come to life using the ‘Chatterkid’ app. 

Who Am I? Guess the zoo animal, you could have a got at making one of your own for us to guess.

Phonics - Todays sound that we are revising is 'oo' - Look at the book


We have seen some fantastic ideas, thank you! Choose an activity from the bank of pictures on Tuesdays page. These are just some ideas to help you to practically practice Phonics at home as we know that writing is not the most fun method! , Feel free to use your own ideas and share them with us. Seren's mum had the brilliant idea of smashing egg shells! 


  • Pasta Phonics 
  • Egg Smash Phonics 
  • Duplo Phonics Builder 
  • Water bomb Phonics 
  • Alphabet sound jump
  • Play dough phonics
  • Bead Threading Sounds 
  • Digging For Phonics 
  • Football Phinics 
  • Kitchen Roll Ping Pong
  • Fairy Dust Phonics 
  • Space Rocket Phonics 
  • Ping Pong Ball Phonics

Numeracy - We are taking a trip to the gift shop today!


Look at the gift shop leaflet below. Can you choose two items and figure out how much money you would need? Try different combinations and see how much money you need each time.


Challenge - could you choose three things to add? Add two together first, then add another one to your answer.


Below is a coin game that you have played before if you would like another turn.

Bonus Afternoon Challenge!


Last week, it was ‘Volunteer’ week at Chester Zoo. When you volunteer it means you do something for free. You don’t get paid! Did you know that lots of the people who work at Chester Zoo are volunteers and don’t get paid? They do it out of the goodness of their heart and because they love animals. This afternoon we would like you to think of something you could ‘volunteer’ to do for a family member or friend. You may volunteer to do some weeding in the garden if it’s nice, help with the clothes washing, or do some other jobs that your grown ups suggest! When we volunteer to do something it helps someone else out, and we think it’s really important to help others! If you decide to do something for someone you don’t live with, then please make sure you stay safe! If you can’t do it today then see if you can find sometime over the week.

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