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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Wednesday 8th July

Numeracy - Take a look at the Rainbow Fish in the photo below. Can you make a table with three columns to put the following information in?


- In the first column, write the colour of a scale. 

- In the second column, write how many you can count.

- In the third column, write if it is an odd or even number.


Challenge - use your 'hwb' account to create a bar chart of the information.

Literacy - The rainbow fish learnt to be a good friend. Talk to an adult at home about the different ways to be a good friend. 


Extra task - Make a different rainbow animal. It can be any animal you like. You could colour it in, paint it or even make a collage.

Phonics - Today we would like you to go shopping. Mrs Jones has written a shopping list with items you might find around the house. Grab a shopping bag, get your shopping list and see how many items you can find. 
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