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Wednesday 8th July

08.07.20- To find missing angles. 


If you did not complete all of the activities yesterday, and would like more practise on these, please continue to work through them.


If you were comfortable and want to try something a little trickier please read on.

Today, we will be finding missing angles around a point, and missing angles in a parallelogram. 


Angles around a point = 360 degrees, and opposite angles are equal.
Please have a look at the poster to see an example of this, and see how we can use this to calculate missing angles.
Check out the video below to see a few examples of this.


Internal angles in any quadrilateral = 360 degrees.

So- internal angles in a parallelogram = 360 degrees, and opposite angles are equal. Looking at the question a.

There is one angle labelled 125 degrees. SO the opposite angle will also equal 125.

125+125= 250.
360-250= 110
So the other 2 angles (together) will equal 110
You must then divide this to find the measurement for one of the angles.

110 divided by 2= 55
So the other 2 angles = 55 each.



Please complete one set of questions (around a point or in a parallelogram).

Angles at a Point

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