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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Wednesday 3rd June

Hello everyone we hope you are enjoying this week’s activities. It looks as though you are from the photos and videos you have been sending. πŸ˜€


Did you know today (3rd June 2020) is:

World Bicycle Day

Insect Repellant Day

Chocolate Macaroon Day (Don’t eat too many though because we are supposed to be thinking about healthy things 🀭).


Search on line to see if you can find out more about these.

Today’s Activities:


A Healthy Lunch


Look in your fridge and cupboards. What could you use to make a healthy lunch? Write what you are going to use and write instructions about what you are going to do and then really make it and eat it for lunch. Remember to send us some photos. Remember to wash your hands carefully before you start cooking and if you need to cut anything ask a grown up to help.

See the link below for some ideas and suggestions.
Do you like dancing? We know lots of you do because we have seen you dance in your videos and you told us how the fast music you listened to on Monday made you feel and move. Check out the link below and dance along.

Now take some healthy foods ( fruit, vegetables, tins of food etc) into the garden and have some healthy food races. You could put the foods at one end of the garden and you stand at the other end. Ask someone to call out one of the foods and see how fast you can run to it and fetch it back to your starting place. If you’ve got a brother or sister you could ask a grown up to shout the name of one of the foods and you and your brother and sister run to get the food and take it to the grown up who called the name of the food.


Remember it’s just for fun so it doesn’t matter if you don’t win every time.


You could even try racing against a grown up from your house. Mums dads love races like that !!!!!!!!

Stay healthy, stay happy and have fun.


Riya's dance

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Jac running

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Jac's sports day

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