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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Wednesday 3rd June

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Don't forget your great solo sports day videos this week, please send one or two of your videos to us by FRIDAY LUNCH TIME so that we can put a video together. Also, remember to fill in your fantastic mood trackers this week. Think carefully about how you're feeling each day.

Today is all about healthy eating...

--------Health Activity---------

Now, everyone knows how important eating fruits and vegetables are! Your challenge today is to create your own healthy lunch!! If you need some inspiration please look on the following website:


Or if you are feeling brave create your own! You might choose to make your own vegetable soup, or a fruit salad! Here are some songs to get you in the mood.


Vegetable song


Fruit song

--------------Physical Activity------------- 


Now you’re full of healthy food, time to burn off some of that energy! Have a dance along with Kidz Bop!


Or play a relay in your garden. Place different types of food at the top of your garden. Have a grown up call a specific food e.g. banana or a food group e.g. vegetable, then race to the top, pick it up and bring it back down. You could even try and race against your brothers or sisters if you have them - don’t worry if they beat you to it though, it’s only a game! Another option is to do it one at a time as a relay and time how long it takes you to pick them all up. Try it a second time - can you beat your time?

---------------Extra Activities---------------

After making your yummy recipe,  Could  you write your recipe down, including a

‘You Will Need’ section?


You could even draw your meal and label what ingredients you used too!

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