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Wednesday 1st April

Bore da! Today is not only Wednesday, but also April Fool's Day. Have a look at the PowerPoint below to learn a little bit more about why we celebrate April Fool's Day and what people do.

An extra challenge for you all this afternoon - write your favourite joke in big letters and put that in the window for people to read as they are going past to make them smile (you could put your joke in a speech bubble so that it looks like it is being said by your silly face if you made one on Monday!) We would love to hear or see your best jokes to make us giggle!

Numeracy - today we will carry on looking at subtraction. Using the cards that you made last week, turn them all upside down and spread them out. Pick two cards - can you make a take away using the two cards and find the answer? If you don't have number cards you could use a number generator online, dice or number magnets. When making a take away with the numbers, the biggest number will need to go first. Could you write some in your book? If you find it a bit tricky, use a number line (write your numbers 1-10) or counters (or something similar) to help you find the answer. Look at the video below to see how Sebastian used his counters yesterday to find the answer.


Challenge - can you use number cards bigger than 10?


Below are some games that you may wish to play to carry on developing your subtraction skills.

Here is Sebastian showing us how it’s done!

Still image for this video
Have a go of this subtraction game to see if you can find the answer by popping the right number of balloons.
If you fancy a challenge, have a try of this ducky race game - you've got to be quick though!
Thank you to Joshua from class 2 and his mummy for suggesting this brilliant game to practice not only one less but also one more - you may recognise this one from class as we played this one a while ago.
Literacy - Today we would like you to learn about the life cycle of a duck and create a piece of writing about it. Read the poster to learn about the different stages and present the information in a style of your choice. You might want to create a poster, make a split wheel or use an app such as book creator to show us what you have learnt. There are a few options below or you can come up with your own idea. We look forward to seeing your creations. 

If you fancy getting crafty here is a lovely idea

Phonics - We have seen some brilliant phonics work this week with the sounds 'ng'and 'nk'. Today we would like you to keep practicing these sounds and have fun playing a few games. You can play the noughts and crosses game from last week, print the words search below or play a game of eye spy. 


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