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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Wednesday 29th April

Numeracy - Today, we are going to be looking at halving amounts. In school, we have talked about halves being equal. When we halve amounts, we share it equally into two groups. Watch the video below to see how to halve amounts.

How to find half and share into two groups

Still image for this video

Today, Fox has set you a halving challenge! Work your way through the Powerpoint below and see if you can find half of each number. Use counters, lego blocks, pasta or something else small to help you. You can use the halving mat below to help if you have a printer, or use 3 plates, pieces of paper, or hoops instead (one to put the correct amount on to begin, then two to share the amount equally between). Once you have halved the amount, check that you have the same amount (an equal amount) in each group, then click the PowerPoint to see if you have the right answer. You can write your questions and answers in a table in your book if you wish (one column containing the starting amount, the second column containing the ‘half’).


Challenge - your grown ups can give you some numbers bigger than 10 to halve - all the way up to 20 if you like!

Literacy - On Monday you had a go at describing the Gruffalo and his features. Today we would like you to create your own ‘Gruffalo’ and design your own fictional character using different features to the original. Draw and colour your Gruffalo and then label the main features using lots of adjectives, if you can write in full sentences then even better. Where does he/she live, what do they like to eat? 


Challenge - Make your Gruffalo come to life using the app Chatterkid, take a picture of your Gruffalo and make him/her talk. 


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Phonics - A super job yesterday writing lots of real and alien words using our blend sounds. Today we would like you to use your words to play a game with them. Can you write your words with chalk to create a path (weather permitting) or write them onto different pieces of paper And spread around the floor. Jump along the blends reading them as you land on them. We all love playing ‘The Floor is Lava’. - You could make a blend trail around the house but can only walk on it if you say the words correctly if not then you end up in the lava! 
Cereal box challenge! In the story, we hear about the fox's underground house, the owl's treetop house and the snake's log pile house, but we don't hear anything about where the mouse lives. This afternoon, we would like you to create the mouse a house using just a cereal box, some sellotape or glue (and decorating materials if you so wish). You can cut, fold or bend your cereal box however you like, but you are not allowed to add anymore cardboard to your model! You may also wish to draw a plan of how you'd like your mouse house to look before making it. Good luck - we are excited to see how different all your mouse houses end up looking!
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