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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Wednesday, 25th March

Bore da pawb!

How was your day yesterday? We had lots of children emailing us with their work which is fantastic. There is lots of great work going on and we've been particularly impressed with everyone's handwriting. Bendigedig! Keep up the good work.

Did you follow Joe's PE lesson this morning? I did (Mrs Mc) and I must admit I needed a cup of tea after it!! It was great fun so if you haven't tried it, Joe's lessons are posted on YouTube so give it go (and ask mum or dad to join you!) yes


Literacy ~ Comprehension

LO: to retrieve information

Read the text about caring for a bearded dragon. There are 3 levels of text each with a set of questions. Choose the one you think will be right for you, but remember to try to challenge yourself too, therefore don't choose one which is too easy. Read the text thoroughly and answer the questions in full sentences. Keep looking back at the text to find the answers.





There are 3 levels ~ *, ** & ***. Choose the appropriate one for you.

Handwriting ~ capital 'J'

Copy the card into your book.

ART ~ How to draw a frog

We had some great pictures of ladybirds yesterday so try drawing the frog today.

Maths - your maths today is to take the column subtraction you started yesterday and start to show exchanging. Remember when the bottom number is bigger than the top. We need to borrow from the number to the left. We cross out the number to left make it one smaller and place a one by the number that needs help. Repeat this again if needed. 


video to show how to exchange

Mental maths

A LITTLE EXTRA!Get building!

Build a tower from rolled up newspaper. How high can you make your model without it being supported by anything? Remember to take a photograph and we'll show your models to all your friends!

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