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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Wednesday 25th March

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Thank you so much for sending pictures of your work to us, over the past couple of days. We have loved seeing how hard you are working. Keep it up year 1 - you are doing fantastic!

Task 1 - Supertato has lots of different emotions. Can you draw the emotions on the blank faces? (print document attached below) or if you would prefer to draw your own blank faces, that is fine! Read the welsh words carefully. What does that emotion look like? Can you pull that face in a mirror to help you draw it? Use the welsh words below to help you, if you are stuck!


Extension - Can you draw Supertato’s emotions on some real life potatoes? (or draw them).

Dw i'n hapus - I'm happy 

Dw i'n sal - I'm sick

Dw i'n ofnus - I'm scared

Dw i wedi blino - I'm tired

Dw i'n flin - I'm angry 

Dw i'n drist - I'm sad

Task 2 - Can you go on a 2D shape hunt around your house or the outdoors? Can you take pictures and name each shape on a device (English and Welsh - refer to the word mat above) or can you draw the shapes and name them? 

Please note: Tomorrow we will be looking at 3D shapes. Please explain the difference e.g. 2D shapes are flat.


Extension - Can you label how many sides each shape has?

Task 3 - Our sound of the day is ‘ow’. – Blow the snow. 


Can you write as many words as you can on a piece of paper, then scrunch them up into snow balls! See how many you can throw and catch and each time you catch them read the word out loud!

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