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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Wednesday 25th March

Phonics - today we will think about the sound:




Practice writing the sound using some of the ideas from yesterday. Watch the video below to help with the formation.


Challenge - can you play a game of noughts and crosses, but instead of using x’s and o’s can you use ‘ch’ and ‘sh’ in their place? You might even use a different colour for each player.

‘ch’ formation

Still image for this video

o’s and x’s game example

Still image for this video

Numeracy - It is really hot on Albie’s adventure in Egypt! Some places are hot and some are cold. Some things are hot and some things are cold. Can you draw a picture of hot things you can find in your house and cold things you can find in your house? Or you can take some pictures - it is up to you how many!


Challenge - can you label your pictures and say what they are?


Another challenge for you to complete sometime over the next week - below is a recipe to make a yummy fridge cake! If you don’t have all the ingredients at home then I’m sure you and your grown ups can improvise 😊 see if you can spot when things are hot and when they are cold - how do some of the ingredients change? See if you can also spot the secret word containing ‘sh’ in the recipe - can you write it down to send to your teacher? (A little clue - it’s not at the start of the word...) You can also use your maths skills to help weigh and measure, and see what words you can read in the recipe. Let us know if it’s tasty!

Literacy - Yesterday you practiced writing the sound 'sh' in a cursive style. Open the Sound Spotter Sheet below, read the sentences (with the help of a grown up) and find all of the words with 'sh' in. 

Can you write as many words as you can that have the sound 'sh' in? Try your best to use cursive handwriting. 


Challenge - Can you write a sentence with you 'sh' words? E.g. I went to the shop. The ship sailed on the sea. 

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