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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Wednesday 22nd April

Literacy - Today we are going to go on a scavenger hunt (sheet below or make up your own list of things to find) but this time we are using our five senses using what we can  hear, see, smell, taste and feel. You could make it into a competition and have a time set for you to find these items. You will need to hunt indoors and outdoors, high and low using all of your senses. To get your senses warmed up go and lie down in your garden, close your eyes and listen to all of the sounds around you. What can you hear, smell, taste and feel? Open your eyes, what can you see? 


Listening game - ‘keeper of the Treasure’. 
You will need a blindfold and the treasure that you collected earlier in the week. 
Choose one person to be ‘the keeper’ the others will be ‘the creepers’. Find a quiet space in your garden to sit and blindfold the keeper. Place the treasure around the keeper, the keeper is to listen carefully, the creepers are to try to silently steal the treasure. If the keeper hears any creepers they are to point at them, if they point in the right direction then that creeper is to become the keeper and repeat the game. 

Phonics – Today we are looking at the pattern




Write the pattern on a piece of paper. Try putting different letters from the alphabet before them. Which letters make real words and which make nonsense words? In school we call nonsense words alien words


Can you write a list of real words and a list of alien words?

Numeracy - Today we are going to be making repeating patterns. Have a go of these games to develop your understanding of what comes next in a pattern.

In the ‘Treasures in the Garden’ story, the children are given fairy crowns by the fairies. Can you make your own crown fit for a king or queen using a repeating pattern? Use card or paper to make strips to attach together to make the crown. You can use whatever you like to make ‘jewels’ to stick to your crown - tissue, Easter egg foils, craft items, paints or pens, flowers from the is up to you! Make sure you use a repeating pattern when you are attaching your jewels! Can you dress up in an outfit that matches your crown?


Challenge - use 3 or even 4 colours to make your repeating pattern. Can you use different shapes in your pattern?

Fairy Floss | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

Something a bit extra for you to try if you're not too busy having fun in the sunshine - have a try of this yoga video (we enjoyed some of these in school earlier in the year) Hope you've got your best flossing at the ready!

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