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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Wednesday 22nd April

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This week please could you download the free APP - Selog. This app has some wonderful welsh songs, some that the children will know already! 
We will focus on a new song each week! Please film/record the children singing the song along with the app on Friday so we can create a special Year 1 video each week! 
It would be wonderful to have as many children joining in as we can! 


This weeks song is - Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau!

Task 1 - Can you re-design the front cover of your favourite book? Don’t forget to add the Author and the Illustrator.         


Extension - Can you write a short blurb about your book? What is the book about? What are the key parts of the story? Remember to not give the ending away!

Task 2 - Can you use the hundred square to add 10 to a number. What happens?

Where do you go on the 100 square? Which direction do you move on the 100 square?


Extension - Can you take away 10 from a number? Which direction do you move on the 100 square?


The link for an interactive 100 square that we often use in school is below!

Our sound of the day is ‘o-e’. – Phone home.


Task – Can you think of simple CVC words and then add the magic ‘e’ on the end to make the letter ‘o’ say its name instead of its sound. They don't have to be real words! 


mot   -    mote

cop    -    cope

mop    -    mope


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