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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Wednesday 20th May

Tuesday’s work - so impressed with your amazing descriptions, labels and costumes! Lovely to hear that you are helping your grown ups with their Welsh too - da iawn!

Some more wonderful singing - some of the siblings have got involved too!

Still image for this video

Today is Welsh castle day!

Literacy - Earlier on in the year we spent a week looking at castles around Wales. We really enjoyed learning about the features of a castle and built our own castles both inside and outside of the classroom, some even had moats around. I have put the PowerPoint about castles below if you wanted to go through it and talk about the features and see what the children can remember, they particularly liked the dungeons! 


Today we are going to look at Knights. What is a knight? What do you think knights do? What do you need to become a knight? Look through the 'A Knights Armour' PowerPoint and discuss why he needs to wear armour. Your task is to draw your own knight and describe him/her. You could write what it takes to be a knight...Must be strong, brave, fast etc.


Challenge -  Knights wore their 'Coat of Arms' on their armour to make sure they were fighting the right people and not members of their family. Can you create a family coat of arms together, do you have a family motto? Is there a symbol that would represent your family? See the examples below for some inspiration. 

Our sound of the day is


Whirl and twirl. 


Can you rainbow write these words that have the sound ‘ir’?
How many colours can you use?


Whirl , twirl , girl , bird , birthday , skirt , dirt.

Numeracy - we are going to have a little think about our counting in different steps today. In school, we have practised counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10. 

  • Today, we would like you to make 3 sets of your own castle battlements (see the pictures below for ideas, or you are welcome to just draw them on a piece of paper). Can you write your steps on a set of battlements (the first set in steps of 2, the second set in steps of 5, the third set in steps of 10). Some of these numbers will be pretty big so make sure you ask someone to help you! 

  • Challenge - once you have done this, if you like you can make your own finger puppet - choose anyone you think may live in your castle (it could be a king, queen, or maybe a knight or Welsh dragon!) Draw your character, colour it in, then cut around your character and add two small holes for your fingers. 

  • Can you make your character walk along the battlements, calling out each number as you land on it?

Here is your Can Cymraeg heddiw - there is a document with the words and also what it means to help if you would like to join in!

Adeiladu Tŷ Bach (Welsh Children's Song)

Extra challenge - Instead of building a small house like the song, can you build your own Welsh castle? You could use building blocks, junk modelling, play is entirely up to you! You may even choose to look online for some famous Welsh castles to use as inspiration! We are looking forward to seeing what you make - if you want to take a few days to work on this then that is absolutely fine.


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