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We hope you have really enjoyed your Christmas! We are feeling a little bit sad we won’t get to hear your Christmas news. So can you write your Christmas news, we have set writing about your Christmas for your task today. Normally we write and share our news in school each Monday. This will be similar but you have lots more exciting things to share. 


Can you tell us three things that you did or that happened over Christmas? 

Think about starting your sentence with what day you did your activity on. Here is my news as an example:


On Christmas Eve I put some mince pies and milk out for Santa. I went to bed early because I was really excited. On Christmas day I got up early because I was so excited to see if Santa had been. For Christmas I got a pink unicorn and some nice socks. 


As a challenge can you include connectives (because, and, with, as, but) and underline them?


This week we will be exploring addition. We did lots of addition last term but this week we will be learning about adding three numbers together.


There is a scavenger hunt to complete. Can you find the objects and count them to find the total?

See the video below for an example of adding three numbers together and the PowerPoint for the scavenger hunt. 


Remember that it does not matter which order the numbers are, the answer will be the same!



Maths Lesson 1.mp4

Still image for this video


Still image for this video
We start our topic each half term with a talking tub to find out what you know already. Can you write two sentences to explain what you already know about ‘Fairy tales’?

Can you then think of a question you would like to explore in our topic?

We will the be able to think about what lessons we can do using your questions 😁.