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Bore da!

Tomorrow we will be using the results from sports day. We will put your initials next to your results when we share them.


If you would rather we didn't do this, please email us or message us on classroom, and we can include your results anonymously.

03.06.20- Food word problems


Today I am attaching 2 sheets of word problems.

Each of these sheets has 3 sets of questions; Square, circle and then triangle. Square questions are the easier questions with circle and triangle getting a little trickier.

It is up to you which questions you answer- you could do one whole sheet, or you could do one level on both sheets (I.e. both sets of square questions).


Today the challenge is to understand the problem using mathematical reasoning, so I am happy for you to use a calculator to support you, but please show what you have done to get to your answers.


Option 1- The nutritional value of food- These questions are all about the different nutrients in different types of food.

The table shows the amount of calories (energy), protein, fats, and sugars in 100g of each food type.

Option 2- What types of food do we eat?- These questions are all about the types of food that different nationalities eat.

The table shows the  amount of each type of food eaten by an average person in a year. Some of the nationalities have diets with a lot of meat, other nationalities have diets with a lot of fruit/veg.


Any questions please ask :)

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