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Wednesday 1st

Wednesday 1st July-Alien Landing!


Morning all!Another great day with yesterday's group :) what smiley lot!It really is good to see you all,even if its only a few at a time.Well done to those of you who are still plugging away at home,we'll see you soon :) You do make us proud every day with your effort at staying clever!


Today I'd like you to read this short story by Pie Corbett. Click on the link below and read......


Its an adventure story about 2 boys that go exploring at night when something amazing happens.....

I'd like you to rewrite the introduction with lots of exciting tension-adjectives,adverbs etc to describe the following

-where you are (somewhere different to the story)
-what time of day it is
-who are your main characters (it doesn't have to be 2 boys)
-what can you hear/see/feel/touch
-what activity had the characters been doing?This might relate to the time of day.Here's an example of an introduction :


Poppy and Charlie trudged out of school lazily as the school day ended.Poppy yawned noisily.The frost had melted and rays of sunshine trickled through the dark clouds.The days were short in winter and soon night would cover them like a blanket,encouraging sleep.

Rewrite the start and plan for a new story that is different to the example.Remember the story about an alien spacecraft landing in West Wales?Tales of Wales did it.You could base it on that if you wish-

google Broadhaven primary school UFO sighting,Pembrokeshire to remind yourself of that mystery!!!Enjoy!


New characters/new setting/new introduction to start.......

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