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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Wednesday 17th June

Bore da plant. Bonjour. Konichiwa. Hello. It's the middle of the week already. I hope you are all keeping healthy and safe. Here is your work for today.


Phonics   or

How many words can you think of that have this sound in them? Write a list. Can you think of ten words?


CHALLENGE: Can you think of 5 numbers that have this sound?                 (CLUE: Think about 2 digit numbers).


Literacy Activity


Alphabetical order


Look around your house, choose 15 or more items and write them in alphabetical order. Think about toys, furniture, pets, parts of the house etc etc....Draw some pictures to go with the words.

Number Activity


Choose a number between 30 and 60 and write it down. Now take 2 away and keep going until you get to 1 or zero. Like this: 


  31  29  27  25  23  21  19  17  15  13  11  9  7  5  3  1           


Now choose a different number and try again. Do this with a few different numbers. 


If you are feeling really clever, try a different number and then take away 5 each time, until you get as close to 0 as you can. 



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