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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Wednesday 17th June

Numeracy - answer the questions on the document below - rather than writing the answer use your magnetic game to fish for the answer! The questions will cover some of the skills we have looked at over the past couple of weeks - feel free to use resources to find the answers before you go fishing if you like!


(You may wish to print the questions out and cut them up/write them on post it notes or little cards etc. then play like a matching game)


Challenge - after completing the game once can you play again but this time turn the questions and the sea animals upside down and play like a memory game? This may potentially be too tricky with all 10 questions so feel free to limit the number of questions and animals you include in the game.

Literacy - 'I can see the sea!'


Warm up - Play the game 'I spy' using the picture below of a seaside resort. 


Your task - Talk to your grown up about what you can see in the picture. Can you write a sentence using 'I can see....'.


Challenge - Go through the 6 PowerPoint pictures below and take a look through the binoculars. What can you see, Can you figure out what each picture is? 




Phonics - our sound of the day is:



whirl and twirl


Make yourself a spinning top to whirl and twirl - follow the instructions below.


- Draw a hexagon and split it into six sections.

- On each section write an ‘ir’ word in a different colour.

- Poke a pencil through the middle


Make your spinner ‘whirl and twirl’ by spinning the pencil - can you read the word it lands on?


Challenge - Can you investigate colour mixing by making more spinning tops? Choosing two of the three primary colours red, yellow and blue, colour alternating sections of a hexagon in with the two colours. Pop your pencil through and spin your spinner - watch what colour it makes! Repeat with different colours.

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