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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Wednesday 13th May

Did anyone guess how many items Mrs Marten managed to squeeze in her tub? Count and find out!

Bore da everyone. Dydd Mercher (Wednesday).


I hope you are enjoying the work on Zog. Today we want you to imagine you are flying, like Zog, high in the air. We want you to imagine what you can see when you look down. When you look down from a high place onto something it’s called an aerial view or a bird’s eye view. You could imagine you are flying over a town, a city, a field, a jungle, a desert or anything you like. Be as imaginative and creative as you like. We are really looking forward to reading your work.😀




Zog is learning to fly. Can you make a paper aeroplane? (If you are not sure how to make one there are lots and lots of ideas and videos on line). Get a piece of A4 paper and make an aeroplane and then take it outside to fly. How long can you make it stay in the air and how far does it travel? (Use your measuring skills). Remember your paper plane doesn’t have to be a plain plane

😂😂😂 you could decorate it with drawings, patterns etc. 



Today’s sound is “ure” (sure it’s pure).


This is a really tricky sound.

How many words can you think of with “ure”?

In Read Write Inc the character that goes with this sound is a witch. Your mission today is to think of some disgusting things you could put in a potion, spiders, slugs, worms, mud, anything disgusting and gross. Draw these and cut them out, then make a cauldron out of paper or card or use an old box. Put all the gross things in the cauldron and stir it. Around the outside of the cauldron, write some words that contain the sound “ure.” Please send a photo.

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