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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Wednesday 10th June

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Class 3 -

Class 4 -

This week we would like you to dance along to the song

'Can y Sw!' 

When you see the different animals on the screen, can you dance like those animals! We would love to see clips of your animal dancing! 

Remember to ask Mummy or Daddy to send the videos to your teacher by Friday lunch time at the latest! 

Cân y Sŵ | The Zoo Song

Mae llwyth o ganeuon i'w canu, gemau i'w chwarae a rhaglenni i'w gwylio ar wefan Cyw! There are lots more songs to sing, games to play a...

Task 1 -

Why walk like a human when you could waddle like a penguin? or slither like a snake? or even walk sideways like a crab?


Time to play charades! 

How many letters does your animal have?

How many syllables? (use clapping to help)


Can your family guess what animal you are?


Challenge - Can you write a list of animals that have the same amount of letters? e.g. Bird, Frog, Toad

Task 2 - 


Have you ever visited a zoo and heard a zoo talk before?


Zoo talks tell you all about a specific animal and tell you everything you need to know.


They are usually at a certain time.


Can you create a timesheet for your zoo? What time will each talk be at? Will the elephants be before the lions?


Draw some clocks or print the ones provided (below). You will need to decide what time the animal talks will be at. Draw your animal next to your clock or you could write the animal name and time.

Parents: please note that we only look at o'clock and half past mainly in year 1, feel free to explore further.


Challenge - Can you work out how many hours are between the talks? How many hours between the first talk and the third talk?

Task 3 

Our sounds of the day are ‘a-e’ (Make a cake), ay (May I play) and ‘ai’ (Snail in the rain). 


Can you think of words with these sounds and then sort them out into the correct groups? Which sound has the most words?

Guess the animal! 1

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Guess the animal! 2

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Super helping today!

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Pictures from today!

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