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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Wednesday 10th June

Amazing news about Chester Zoo reopening on Monday! All of those fabulous letters and tweets to Boris Johnson really did make a difference! Thank you and WELL DONE!

Handwriting activity


Today we would like you to focus on forming the 'ee' sound very carefully! Can you ask someone at home to write the following 'ee' sounds on little pieces of paper - 














Can you ask them to fold them up and put them in a hat or a container. Now over to you! Can you pull five words out and write them as neatly as you can remembering your careful pre-cursive writing?

Topic activity


Today we would like you to think about your favourite zoo animal and talk to someone at home about all of the facts you know about that animal. If you can try to research an interesting/fun fact about your animal people may not know.

My interesting fact is


Elephants are the only animal that can't jump


Perhaps make a book of facts or use powerpoint/pic collage for your friends to learn more about zoo animals. 

Please find an interesting fact link below!

Numeracy activity 

Today we would like you to work on sharing numbers into sets, finding lots of possible ways! 


If the zoo has 12 snakes find lots of ways they could be shared between 3 tanks. You could draw the three tanks with the snakes shared into 3 tanks or just write the sums!


How many ways can you find? I have shown you two ways below.

Harry and Mrs Marten (try to) explain!

Still image for this video

Now try these showing as many different ways as possible (remember you can do as many or as little as your parents choose).


Can you share 20 lions between 3 dens?


Can you share 24 giraffes between 4 tall trees?


Can you feed 16 fish to 5 penguins?


Please do not feel you have to record this activity - practically may work best! Be creative, use things around the house to represent dens/trees/penguins, e.g. tubs, pieces of paper, placemats and use other things to represent the lions, giraffes and fish, e.g. dried pasta, crayons, sweets to help you with your thinking!

Isabelle's facts

Still image for this video
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