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Today we are revising rounding numbers to the nearest 10/100. Remember the 'magic number' is                                                                   5 

So when rounding to 10 look at the ones digit if it is 5 or more, round to the next ten e.g. 47 - 50. If less than 5 it stays on the same ten e.g. 44 - 40. 0 replaces the ones digit.(One zero).


When rounding to 100 look at the tens digit; 50 or more round up e.g. 162 - 200  but  126 - 100 so it stays on the same hundred. 00 replaces the tens and ones digits. (two zeros).


Please watch the power point and look at the information board.

Then choose a sheet to complete. You only need to do 1 but can do more if you wish.