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Wed 24th & Thurs 25th June

Tudor Explorers - Research and Fact File / Double Page Spread

Over the next two days, your challenge is all about Tudor Explorers. You can choose how you would like to complete this challenge from the options below -


1 - Research one specific explorer and create a detailed fact file

2 - Research multiple explorers and create a double page spread - “Tudors Explorers”


You have 2 days to complete this challenge so please use today to complete your research and tomorrow to complete your presentation. You have created some fantastic double page spreads and fact files in the past. Try to consider what you can do to try to make any improvements.


Here is a list of explorers you may want to include - 

Ferdinand Magellan

Vasco da Gama

Christopher Columbus

Hernan Cortés

Martin Frobisher

Sebastian Cabot

John Cabot

Sir John Hawkins

Sir Walter Raleigh


Make the most of the beautiful sunshine over the next few days ☀️ Remember to put your sun block on 😁
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